Desitin Rapid Relief Creamy Jar, 16-Ounce by American Health & Wellness

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Desitin Rapid Relief Creamy Jar, 16-Ounce

Desitin Rapid Relief Creamy Jar, 16-Ounce

  • Relieves diaper rash discomfort from the very first use
  • Creamy formula that glides on smoothly and wipes off easily
  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory, reducing redness and irritation of sensitive and inflammatory-prone skin
  • Forms a protective barrier on the skin
  • Provides moisturization and emolliency to the skin
  • #1 Choice of Pediatricians & Moms
  • Helps Heal, Soothe, & Prevent Diaper Rash
  • Relief From First Use

Desitin Rapid Relief Cream is a smooth and creamy diaper rash treatment that contains zinc oxide, known to block moisture from baby’s skin. The barrier cream forms a protective layer on your baby’s skin to soothe and relieve diaper rash discomfort, providing relief from the very first use. In fact, over 88% of moms agree that nothing works faster. Our hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested formula goes on smoothly and wipes off easily, making Desitin Rapid Relief Cream your everyday partner in protecting against and treating diaper rash for relief your baby can feel.Rapid Relief CreamAt a Glance:HypoallergenicDermatologist- and pediatrician-tested formulaActive ingredient zinc oxide is a skin protectantDESITIN Rapid Relief Cream DESITIN Rapid Relief Cream helps provide overnight relief of diaper rash. In a clinical study, 90 percent of babies with diaper rash had noticeable relief within 12 hours of the use of DESITIN Rapid Relief Cream. DESITIN Rapid Relief Cream is a smooth and cre

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