Scott 1000 Tissue, 27 Count

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Scott 1000 Tissue, 27 Count

Scott 1000 Tissue, 27 Count

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Scott 1000 Bath Tissue, 1000 sheets per roll, pack of 27 rolls Long Lasting Toilet Paper with Scott 1000 Bath Tissue Scott 1000 Bath Tissue is a long-lasting toilet paper with all the value you expect from a brand like Scott. This single-ply toilet paper provides long-lasting value with 1,000 sheets of septic-safe toilet paper in every roll. In fact, Scott 1000 Bath Tissue rolls have never reduced sheet count and have been bringing consistent quality 1,000 sheets at a time for over 100 years. Scott 1000 Bath Tissue provides honest, practical value with persistent performance sheet after sheet. So, make the smart choice for your family. Choose Scott 1000 Bath Tissue, a quality brand that brings your family consistent value that lasts. Keep Clogs Clear with Scott 1000 Bath Tissue Do you have someone in your family that consistently clogs the toilet with excessive amounts of toilet paper? A leading cause of clogs is flushing excessive amounts of toilet tissue at once. That’s whe

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